GLOBART, founded in 2002, specialises in the installation of artworks and exhibitions. Our services include internal handling, ​unpacking, repacking, hanging, installing and mounting artworks and other work related to exhibition design. In this field we are recognised as setting an undisputed benchmark in the area of artwork installation. In order to expand and diversify our services the transport company Monin has recently taken over our art installation services department.

GLOBART employs 30 highly experienced and professional staff, all familiar with installing, uninstalling, handling and packing artworks. Having worked in various museums and art spaces they have gained excellent communication and interpersonal skills amongst themselves and with our clients. We very much value the human approach and pride ourselves on being available to discuss with you, at anytime, your concerns or needs.
In the art world displaying works of art, in galleries or museums, is primarily a form of ‘staging’.

We recognise the importance of this ‘staging’ and offer a collaborative service which is entirely to your satisfaction.

In this regard we work closely with you in undertaking a detailed study of your needs to determine how the artworks will best be displayed and the most appropriate technical approach to be employed. The technical supplies we use are tailored to suit walls or partitions and take into account the weight and size of the artwork and the space in which it is exhibited. At the client’s request, various security systems are available in order to prevent theft and damage. These are designed and adapted to the individual artwork. A technical manager will visit the site prior to the work being undertaken to determine and access how the installation will be carried out. He will also direct and monitor the operation throughout the course of the installation, ensuring the maintenance of the hanging systems. Once the installation is completed he will, if necessary, be available on site should he be needed.​